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Thread: got homebrew with no apps?

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    got homebrew with no apps?

    ok , got the homebrew loaded up throught the twilight save.but for some reason when i go to the channel nothing comes up but home brew channel.
    my apps did not install for some reason.can someone tell me if i already have the homebrew channel , how to get my apps loaded. what my sd card should be loaded like?

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    Configuring Applications

    In order to make an application appear in the Homebrew Channel, the following steps must be taken:

    1. Make a folder on the root of your SD card called "apps".
    2. In the folder "apps," create a folder for the application (for this example, ScummVM will be used).
    3. Copy the files for the application into its folder (e.g. apps/scummvm/).
    4. Find the executable file (either .elf or .dol) and rename it to boot.elf (or boot.dol if it was a .dol file) if it is not already named that (e.g. apps/scummvm/boot.dol).

    Now the application will appear in the Homebrew Channel. However, its appearance on the menu is difficult to distinguish from other applications. To fix this, text and an image can be added. More here

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    Or you can just use the new online Wii Pack Generator

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    Use the wii pack generator that is what i use for the homebrew channel!
    It's very easy and simple!
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