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Thread: D2Pro9 v2 D2E

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    D2Pro9 v2 D2E help!

    I'm about to buy a few mod chips for myself and couple of friends the place i was going to buy them at just ran out of the d2c2 modchips so i was about to buy the D2E ones as they said it would work as well. Been reading about problems and updates for the modchip and someone said (forgot who on this forum )that the D2E chip cannot upgraded... i can't find the thread again
    also would it be wise to wait or go to another store to get the d2c2 modchip or take the d2e ones.

    i should have the d2c2 chipset along with a friend and the other should have GC2-D2B.

    There is a 40% chance that the pins on your drive chip are cut
    and a 60% chance that that they are not cut. (from nintendo scene)

    Please also tell me if this will work on the chipsets i think i have
    Just thought of another question i'm confusing myself by reading more =(
    what firmware will the d2e come with if i get it?

    thanks in advance
    again couldn't find the thread again sorry if this has been posted before
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    We have D2C2 modchips in stock. Order from us. the D2E chips will work on the old d2b wii too but it would be a waste when a wiikey can do the same job. Find out for sure about that wii and save some money because we sell wiikeys too.

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    anyone know if the d2e is updateable to the 2.1?? and if it even need the update?

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    We also have the d2c2 complaint chips as well as d2e in stock. We have not listed our d2e compliant chips yet though as we know of a bug we're waiting for it to be fixed.

    There are no updates for the d2e version yet, but d2c2 updates to 2.1 and 1.5 spi. We can update it to the latest for you if you like or leave it stock like many prefer.

    If youre in the USA you will get it very fast as our couriers are having no problems with custom clearance now, and in Canada its going out xpresspost with no delays.
    Send me a PM if you need any support

    $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping to Canada & USA
    Official Support for Canadamods. I am here to help.

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