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Thread: Can't loan Config 1.9s

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    Can't loan Config 1.9s


    My wii can't reconize the Config 1.9s USA disc. Can I download the Hex'd config 1.2 then put in my 1.9s disc?
    Or do I need to burn a normal config 1.2 disc to use the the hex'd 1.2 prior to updating with the 1.9 disc? I'm just trying to turn on the region free so i can play games from PAL and Japan.

    I've installed firmware 1.9s already.

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    if u have a wiikey...then you have a burn problem....

    what is the size of the dvd disc image.... needs to be over 1.4Gb or it will not be recognized

    if that is tha case goto Wii Modchip - Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community and download the filechopped version.

    we are assuming you have done some reading and 're using the recommended brand and type of dvd blanks....right?

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    yes.. i know about the options.. i want to go with the Hex'd file rather than the filechop.
    i'm just not sure if i can use a hex'd config 1.2 and put in a original config 1.9s when it asks me to put in the disc i wanna use to load the config

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    if it says error when u load the disk then that means it is finished updating.


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