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Thread: Question about start backup loader via menu

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    Question about start backup loader via menu

    Hey ppl.
    I have installed a box in my menu wich load my backuploader gamma.
    The backuploader that get loaded is in the map backup_loader.

    Now i'm always using the Neogamma R7 loader but i have to run that one all the time from the homebrew menu.
    Is it possible that i rename the Neogamma R7 map to backup_loader (and i remove the original backup_loader map) that it will load the Neogamma R7 loader?



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    All you need to do is install Neogamma R7 WAD file. From here: zSHARE - Neo gamma R7.wad
    Put it in WAD folder on sd card and install with WAD manager. This will give you a neogamma R7 channel on your wii menu.

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    Ok thanx


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