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Thread: Can't play my fitness coach and boogie.

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    Can't play my fitness coach and boogie.

    Hi all,i have the softmod wii...think it's 3.2U and i think it's ISO 249.
    i can't play other games that i burn with no prob but when i play the game my fitness coach, the spining logo keep spining and can't get into the game....and when i play boogie, it was a black screen.can i know what i should do and what is the latest mod now?any link.

    my set is from korean,it's v3.2u.In the menu,it has homebrew,geoka....
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    Install cIOS22 to play boogie from a backup disc, you can get it from the cIOSCORP 3.5 pack. My fitness coach though I can't help with.
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