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Thread: How Does DS Lite detect that screen is closed?

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    How Does DS Lite detect that screen is closed?

    I've just had a look at my wife's DS Lite, and it shuts the screens off when you close the case. How does the DS detect this?
    I'm thinking I might have damaged/wrongly installed whatever this bit is, which might explain the problem in my other post?

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    Every ds,dslite and dsi shuts the screens off when closed. This is made for less power consuming

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    there's a magnet (i think) in the lower right corner around the the start and select buttons and yes its for power saving. if you put a low power magnet around said area the screen will shut of but i don't know how good that is for the ds

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    I'm sure using magnets around the DS is fine.
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    The speakers of the DS lite (DSi) are in the lid, when you close it it comes above a magnetic sensor and it switches off.
    The same trick is used in mobiles. My blackberry also has a magnetic sensor. When I put it in his holster it also switches off.
    It is a neat trick and with the DS lite it is cleverly done in combination with the strong magnets of the speakers
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