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Thread: Which version of Wii do i have?

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    Which version of Wii do i have?


    I opened my Wii and here is what i found:

    Big Chip sais:

    Small Chip Sais:


    Which version is my Wii? And which Mod Chip will work the best? Can i use the D2Pro + Wii Clip so that i dont have to solder anything?


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    You have a D2B wii. Unless you have 3 legs missing on the chip that is marked D2B, you have one of the original wiis. Your best chip to chose is the wiikey. Don't listen to what others say in getting more expensive chips like Wasabi 2 or D2Pro9 v2 for your D2B borad. Fact is, after the wiikey is installed and updated to 1.9s, it will play everything out there.

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    yeah get the wiikey because i would reccomend getting something cheap and something that is made for d2b chipsets instead or the d2pro9 v2 or the wasabi 2.


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