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Thread: Help, Need Help Newbie PLZ

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    Help, Need Help Newbie PLZ

    Hey guys, i need help, im just got my wii so pleas understand that i am new to all of this. I installed the homebrew channel, and everything was ok, however when i wanted to start installing apps, i ran into a problem, for example when i try to install cIOS 222 installer version 4, it opens up, but i soon loose the ability to use the wii mote. The wii mote then just blinks when i try to confirm the installation. This happens for other apps that i want to install 2. I tried using the gamecube control but it does not work. What can i do can anybody please help me. My Wii is on 4.2U. Please understand that i am new so if a solution can be provided do not go all technical on me. Thanks!!

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    Try to downgrade to a lower system menu thing will work better I am on 4.0u
    Look for guide here on wiihacks....

    Check ur wii model.....
    Did get ur wii this year?
    Did u upgrade from nintendo?

    Check all these thing b4 doing a downgrade (It is possible to downgrade from 4.2 I did it)

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    im just got my wii
    My Wii is on 4.2U
    No 4.2 downgrade tutorial on Wiihacks because of the risks involved.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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