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Thread: Wii Music; Wii Sports

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    Unhappy Wii Music; Wii Sports

    Hi fellows and fellowetes if any, I have bumped into a situation with a couple of games that are driving me crazy, Wii Sports and Wii Music.

    I don't even play them puppies but my son does and I don't know why, after a few weeks of both working flawlessly from my USB backups they do not want to load, I have tried several methods to test if the problem is fixed with no luck.

    If any expert could explain why does these two games are hanging at boot while the rest of my games, including Wii Play which is a similar game, play just fine.

    Please, refrain yourself from suggestions unless you are willing to continue to provide support because I posted a few other threads and some jerks just wanted to laugh at me but did not give me any real solutions for the problem.

    Yes, I know it might an IOS issue, or maybe an update or whatever, but since I don't know what could possibly be the problem then I need some step by step instructions so I can test some trial and error.

    Please, I am a noobie, however I can follow instructions and I am also familiar with most terms, terms such as:

    Trucha Bug
    Bootmii, boot2 and IOS
    Factorry IOSs, below 200 range get the point, I knew somewhat what I was doing until now, I don't know how to fix this one.

    Any takers??? I guarantee you I'll post everywhere how much of a help you provided.

    Oh well, hopefully someone will answer my call.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you still have the copies of these games on your pc? Could you remove them using WBFS then add them again?

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    Closing thread-multiple posts by this member indicate installation of an IOS and possibly other softmod procedures after installing cIOSCORP.

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