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Thread: Wii Sports hangs at boot

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    Question Wii Sports hangs at boot

    Please, anyone that has the answer for this one please help, I am desperate, I've tried it all with no positive results.


    When I select "Wii Sports" or Wii Music" from the my USB loader app, regardless of the settings I have for them (IOS for booting) it hangs during the white screen that tells you to strap the wiimote to your wrist, yada, yada, it just sits there and it does not respond to any buttons, including reset, power on/off.

    My Specs:

    System Menu 4.2
    Running IOS38 Rev17, was running rev14 but no luck either
    Bootmii installed as both IOS and boot2 to include a preloader to block certain things(Disc update, Region, etc.)
    Wiiflow USB Wii Backups Loader installed as channel under IOS249

    Every game inside the WBFS partition runs flawlessly with the exception of:

    Wii Sports
    Wii Music
    Animal Crossing - City Folk

    Given up on choices, any clues anyone?

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    You're rather cross-posting happy, aren't ya? Wallpaper the lounge and here. Go read my reply in the lounge. This would be on the original thread, since you've made several in the last day all asking the same thing over and over...

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    Closing thread-multiple posts by this member indicate installation of an IOS and possibly other softmod procedures after installing cIOSCORP. Despite being told of this, member continues to post.

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