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Thread: Trouble, stuck and almost ready to give up!!

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    Angry Trouble, stuck and almost ready to give up!!

    I installed the HB channel , the DVD fix and the BootMii successfully!
    Now whats the next step?
    I tried installing NeoGamma 7 with WadManager and it gives me an error. I tried installing NeoGamma 8 Beta and error again.
    I am about to give up and try a Wiikey if I cant solve this,

    Please help!

    PS" I am using old Wii with Firmware 4.2U

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    look in tutorials section. there are steps there.

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    it would help if you told us what the error is.

    since your using 4.2 you probably need to use the trucha bug restorer. Try looking at the turorial section and see what parts you skipped.

    Ow and for your own safety: install preloader if you installed bootmii as an ios.


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