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Thread: How do i know which Mod Chip i need for my Wii?

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    Question How do i know which Mod Chip i need for my Wii?

    I bought my Wii about 1 year ago.

    How can i tell which Mod Chip will work with my Wii? Im still new to this whole modchip thing.

    Could someone please tell me how i can check which version of Wii i have. And which mod chip would be the best for me.

    What does D2C, D2E etc mean? Are these different versions of Wiis? How can i tell which one my Wii is?

    How can i know if my Wii is compatible with the Solderless D2Pro9? As im not very comfortable with having to solder anything to my Wii.


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    double post. refer to your other post to find out what type of wii you have. For your other questions, a search will answer your questions.


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