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Thread: weblue mod chip?

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    weblue mod chip?

    Hi Guys,

    I bought a modded wii in Hong Kong about 1 and a half years back. It was working great but is not able to play most of the new games being released like Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. I decided to open up my Wii today for the first time, and see exactly what type of mod chip it had. I thought it may be a wii key or something i could update inorder to get the new games to play.

    When i finally opened up the wii and looked under the CD Drive i saw a cheap looking Green mod chip. It was soldered with a few wires and the only thing it said was "Weblue +". Has anyone heard of this mod chip before? Is there anything i can do to make it play mario galaxy and smash bros?

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    Same here

    Me too

    Bought a wii from HK and was told there was wiikey inside. Found a weblue instead. No info on the net on how to updte this chip. Had to replace it by a wiikey. Working now.


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    this is a clone .we have replaced a lot of these chips ....get urself a wiikey and just replace the chip


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