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Thread: Wii Music; Wii Sports

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    Angry Wii Music; Wii Sports

    Wow, I posted a question to see if anyone had any idea or was going through the same problem and even after over 50 views to my post, no one seems to either have the same problem or an answer for me, so I'll continue posting new threads until someone can be kind enough to share his or her knowledge and help a brother out.

    In a nutshell:

    Wii Music and Wii Sports no longer load from Wiiflow(222).

    I did play them several times but do not remember what caused them to stop work all of the sudden.

    I think Animal Crossing, even though I did not mention it, stop working when I installed cIOSCorp 3.6, and yes, I know I don't need to run backups from USB but for GC DVD-R backups you do, well, only if you want to use the Disc Channel which I thought it was totally cool, anyhow...

    Wii Sports and Wii Music no longer load, they hang at the initial screen regarding safety, tighten the strap. etc... you hear a beep, the wiimote vibrates on both, but they both stall at that screen, any clues anyone?

    Hopefully after a couple of thousand threads someone will reply with some useful information, thanks in advance guys, it is really frustrating that everything was perfect, every game except those mentioned above run flawlessly, what could be causing this stalling?

    Any clues would at least give me some ideas of what to do.

    Thanks again..!

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    maybe you should try a different usb loader like neogamma or usb loader gx

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    maybe you need to update some ios?

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    I tried USB loader gx and the same problem remains.

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    I need more specific instructions but thanks for the tips. I tried several methods w/ no luck, le me know if you see a solution somewhere.

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    Try removing cIOSCorp, as you intimated in another post the problem began around the time of installation... this program thoroughly guts your IOS and replaces them with custom, proprietary versions that don't always place nice with others.

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    Closing thread-multiple posts by this member indicate installation of an IOS and possibly other softmod procedures after installing cIOSCORP. Despite being informed of this problem, member continues to post in multiple forums.


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