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Thread: update 4.1

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    update 4.1

    Ok, so, I have a soft modded wii, everything works great.... If I waned to update using the 4.1 updater would I just have to run it from HBC? Also, Would I lose everything I did?

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    What version are you on, if you look at dogeggs guide, it has some stipulations before doing that update, if i remember right, it says if you're on 3.1, to update to 4.0 first, then go to 4.1. Also, more importantly, you have to install ios60 before doing it. Again, check the guide.

    But, if you follow that guide, or the guide specifically for updating to 4.1, it should be safe, and it wont undo your mods.

    Just dont update from a wii game or using the wii's online updates. That will mess up your stuff.

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