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Thread: Snes9xGx problem with covers working.

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    Snes9xGx problem with covers working.

    okay i'm using V4.15.c4

    Open it from Homebew Channel
    it reads my roms from

    and i can see the ?? nintendo covers

    i do also have

    with the images named exactly the same

    i even took it as far as to remove all my games except 1
    renamed that 1.smc and the cover for it 1.png

    they are the correct size also.

    so i thought maybe it was something up with my USB

    so i made the exact same folders on my SD card

    and the same result.

    "" "" /saves/
    "" "" /cheats/
    "" "" /covers/

    it will load the game up with the ??? image and i can save and load from the saves folder but i just can't seem to get an image to load properly.

    anyone have any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxmccloud12 View Post

    please go to Settings -> Saving & Loading -> Covers Folder and add a backslash ( "/" ) to the end. That will fix the problem with the covers not showing up.
    Did you try that?

    If thats not it, i dont really know what the problem is. You might want to try a older version, maybe the guy releasing these messed something up in the newer ones.

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    lol i found out my problem i was using download u uploaded. and they say they are .png but they really aren't.

    after i opened them up in mspaint and saved them as .png they worked just like they should.

    so thanks for the upload and now i got them to work just perfect ^^

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    Sorry, i used a program to change them all at once, i guess it only renamed them.

    But that doesnt make sense, originally they were only 10 mb, after converting them they were 30.

    I dont know why theyre not working.

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    no problem at all atleast i now know how to make them work. still alot easier than the other upload that was in that thread. now that i know i can just go along and do what i need.

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    Im trying to use another program to convert my jpgs into png.

    Ill test it better before uploading though.

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    You can get pictures for the roms in the snes9xgx emulator? I just have a list of games. Can you post pictures of what it looks like?

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    You need to get a modified version of snes9xgx

    Need a bit of graphics help for GX emulator mod - Check out the youtube video in the first post.

    Where we have been talking about it:


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