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    Question Noob in need of help

    I softmodded my Wii a few weeks ago and I was thrilled with the fact that I don't need to worry about any scratches to my Wii games collection anymore since I load them now straight from my USB Drive using a WBFS partition and Wiiflow, however, I don't know at what point in time during updates to my cIOSes, I must have downloaded a version of an IOS which caused "Animal Crossing" to not load, it must have been cIOSCORP 3.6, which works with every game but "Animal Crossin". I disregarded that small flaw to bump into another problem later on, Wii Sports does not load either, so does Wii Music but for my surprise, Wii Play works just fine. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Is it a bug on the new updates? Is it a incompatible update of an IOS? or is it Nintendo Servers sending updates to disable homebrew applications to run? Please, if anyone has the expertise to help me with my problem, I would greatly appreciate it, I have tried downgrading the sysmenu, downgrading the IOSes and even restoring the NAND.bin which was working prior to the problem arising.

    I'll be specific on what happens during loading of these speficic games:

    Animal Crossing - Folk City:
    Loads the instructions screen for safety, displays an ESRP message, then it goes to a black screen with an animation of a bus on the bottom right corner throwing some smoke. The animation continues and that is as much as it loads, it just hangs there.

    Wii Sports; Wii Music:
    Loads instruction screen with pictures of the wiimote and numchuck, yada, yada, then it makes a sound as if it detected the wiimote but when I press "A" it does nothing, I take the batteries out and put them back up and again it makes that buzzing sound but it just sits there at the instructions screen.

    Does anyone knows what's going on? Anyone?

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    why use cioscorp if you're not even loading from disk?
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    Well, if I'm not mistaken, there are no applications available today that can run gamecube games from a USB Mass Storage drive, if there was one, I probably would've never installed CIOSCORP, I don't think CIOSCorp is the problem, however, I am no expert, that's why I need help to figure this one out.

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    You do know cIOSCorp "guts" your Wii's IOS and replaces a great number of them with custom, proprietary versions --- right? And this coincided with your "update issue," hmmm....

    Game Cube games have no built-in support for USB devices as well, GC didn't come with USB. There is a post you can read here on running them via a loader, and I also know you can store/burn more than a single game on a disc with regard to GC games.

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    Closing thread-multiple posts by this member indicate installation of an IOS and possibly other softmod procedures after installing cIOSCORP. After being told of this, member continues to post in multiple forums.

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