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Thread: Need help game playing

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    Need help game playing

    Hi Guys
    I have question in reference to couple of game. Somehow I am getting black and white screen when I play these game I donít know what is causing game to play in black and white screen and one game also get freeze at certain stage. I would appreciate if anybody posts light on this issue. I also want to know from where should I find wide varity of games beside WII iso site?

    Thanks in advance

    PS:My WII was modded at 4.2 ver soft modded

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    You have to configure your backup loader to force games to play in the same color system your Wii uses. Its either ntsc or pal, try each until you are playing in color. Dont worry, if you guess the wrong you will just get it playing black and white again.
    For iso, look for a tutorial in the tutorial section of this forum named "How to Usenet".
    Its not free, but is the only place I know to get full speed downloads and a HUGE variety of games. Its all there.

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