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Thread: could somebody please help me?

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    could somebody please help me?

    ok, I really want to install the darkwii theme. I have version 4.2U. I made the correct csm file for the theme, and everything is set. I have also installed mymenuify. BUT the problem is when I click and load the mymenuify app in the hbc, the screen goes black and nothing happens. could somebody please help me out??

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    tip one: if you dont have bootmii installed as boot2, then dont even think about thinking about installing a theme. bad theme + no boot2 = permanently dead wii.

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    ok i have been trying to do that but i still have no idea how. could you please tell me how?

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    i have been trying to do that but i still can't. could you please explain how to do that please?

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    Hey,this is very easy problem to solve!And this can happen with any homebrew application.All you need to do is to,when you turn on your wii,to open any channel,after that to reboot it-with little restart button and then just start application!

    Let me know if this methot is not working.

    WARNING:Installing themes can easily brick your wii so dont install it if it is not damn good theme,you know!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akeldama View Post
    i have been trying to do that but i still can't. could you please explain how to do that please?
    If you're having a hard time with a simple task like installing bootmii, custom themes are not for you. I'm not trying to be harsh and not picking on you, but you're going to end up with a brick and no one here wants to see that happen.

    The guides you need can be found by clicking the Tutorials button at the top of the page.
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    no i already have bootmii installed, but not with boot2

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    it didn't work...

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    Bootmii/IOS is not going to save you.

    Everyone remember the name Akeldama, when he/she comes back and posts a message in the Bricked Section we can all point and laugh at him/her and tell him/her 'We told you so'

    Is a DarkWii theme really worth it? You clearly don't understand the risks if you think Bootmii/IOS is actually worth having.
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    im willing to take the chance. i heard the darkwii theme was safe to download and i made the csm file fine. just tell me whats wrong


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