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Thread: Neogamma R8 rc1 Channel

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    Neogamma R8 rc1 Channel

    Ive made Neogamma R8 rc1 into a channel but am still wii-less so need it testing please! Don't try it unless you have Preloader/Priiloader and/or Bootmii as boot2 and a nand backup. It should exit properly too so pls lmk if it does or not...if you want to use the patching feature you will have to copy the neogamma folder (included) to the apps folder on your sd card as it will look there for the patches.

    Download here

    edit: tested and working
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    Wink request please,,

    could you re-upload it to MF??
    thanks 4 all your great work
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    Yes bro, would you reupload?
    that would be great, thanks

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    Had to wait 35 mins to download, and it won't install threw wad manager. I get a error. So still using forwarder and a beta 7 wad. May be you need to re do it and upload it. And most neogamma channels are that aint forwarders are usually more than a couple of meg. Just an observation not a critism. But am looking forward to you sorting it out. As i dont know how to create wads myself. Unles you can direct me to a guide.

    Thanks and Much RESPECT to you all


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