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Thread: HomeBrew Channel Gone...

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    HomeBrew Channel Gone...

    I have spent the last 2 days reading and updatnig trying to play mario bros. I have added the ios using wad(plus many more). but now updated to 4.2u via wad manager so I might atleast be able to play the hard copy of the game. Still trying to force me to update when I try to play the real game, but the system settings show 4.2u. Worst Of all my Homebrew Channel is now gone but I do still have the backup channel. Do I need to now reinstall from sctach for a 4.2u system?

    Thanks n advance for any help.

    Dan O

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    why did u update in the first place? NSMB Requires 4.1ver but yes u might need to remod ur wii. Next time look up priiloader, it blocks disc updates for u.


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