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Thread: Old Wii remote keep getting disconnected

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    Old Wii remote keep getting disconnected

    We have five Wii remotes but two of them don't work well. They often get disconnected while playing games... especially when the player makes quick movements with the remote.

    I'm getting ready to replace those old remotes but as a last resort, I was wondering if something could be done to give these remotes a new life? I'm guessing not but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask... ;-)

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    This could possibly a build up of dirt on the battery terminals. Take a matchbox or sand paper and rub the battery terminals.

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    The batteries look fine but they're rechargeable and I think they've reached the end of their lifetime. I'll try with new batteries. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    does sound like battery problems. . . let us know if new batteries work.

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    I used different batteries and I have the same problem, but I've put this issue on the backburner for now --- see below.

    I have a bigger problem with remotes now.

    I installed WiiFlow about a week ago. Now every time I turn the Wii on, there's a remote that's player 1. When I go to the WiiFlow channel, I practically ALWAYS lose connection with the Wii. I have to try to reconnect by pressing A about a dozen times. If I'm really lucky, my remote gets connected again as player 1 and life is good, but most of the time, I have to change remotes, reconnect them, configure another remote to be player 1, etc. etc.

    Then if I turn off the Wii and use that same remote again the next time, I'll have to do this whole thing over again. In other words, I can't keep the same remote as player 1. I have to reconnect and disconnect every time I load WiiFlow?


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    Here's what I tried:

    1) I bought a new remote and a new sensor bar; the new sensor bar made absolutely no difference (it may actually be worse than before) and the new remote doesn't even connect at all (could be a bad remote... I'll return it to the store);

    2) I changed the batteries / made sure all batteries were brand new;

    3) I tried to be player 1 with every single remote we have.

    This is what happens:

    A) it's very hard to point at something because the remotes are never really steady (all of them)... they're all over the place in the Wii Menu and in WiiFlow;

    B) when I load WiiFlow, the remote almost always disconnects and doesn't easily reconnect simply by pressing A: I have to find a way to go to the Wii reconnection screen and connect another remote as player 1;

    C) most remotes often disconnect while I'm playing but I haven't been able to identify a clear pattern here... it may be that 2-3 remotes don't work properly.

    Everytime I turn the Wii off and turn it back on, A), B) and C) have to be done again.

    Does anybody have any ideas?? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    Also, is there a way to permanently change the default player 1 remote? No matter what I do, when I boot the Wii, player 1 is always the same (crappy) remote.

    Thanks for any help with this!

    update --- I did what thucncao suggested in this thread and that fixed issues B) and C). However, it's still pretty unsteady... any ideas?
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    at one point i accedently knocked into a little laptop table while playing dbz tenkaichi 3. Now randomly it likes to say the numchuck isnt plugged in. It can be the battery though. I had a energizer set for wii, and one of them causes any remote it is in to constantly lose sync or the remote just turns off. The other one works fine, besides the numchuck issue.

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    Try to reset the remotes first. Look at my update in the post above yours.

    Did that make any difference?

    My remotes are not unsteady anymore. I reset them again and all is well now.

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    Well, I'm having problems again with my Wii remotes... I have 3 Wii remotes that completely stopped working (and I have a feeling that they were dropped on the hard floor too many times and they are completely dead). I'm thinking about replacing them.

    The two other remotes we have work very well except for one thing: in every game that requires nunchucks to be hooked up, we often (every 4-5 minutes) have to unplug and plug the nunchucks back in while playing. If we don't, the Wii remotes do not respond anymore (not just the nunchucks).

    Any ideas?


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