I can't seem to find anyone else who has played this game..let alone, someone who can help, so I thought I would give this place a shot and pray..lol
Skyscraper is kind of an addicting game until you get to a part where you don't know what to do (like me)
on level 5.. you have to gather chemicals to make acid so you can neutralize the poison gas.. I've gathered the chemis... clicked on "ACID" (when in the "mixing station") I see that the chemicals I gathered reduce by the amount needed to produce the acid, but, nothing is said that I have made it and when I get to the gas filled hallway, there is no option for me to use the acid that I THINK I just made, SO, when I go through the gas field I eventually die.
I know that this is not a very popular game, and that nobody reading this has probably ever played it, but, I would appreciate any help.
Thank You