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Thread: question about twilight and homebrew

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    question about twilight and homebrew

    twilight hack will let you install homebrew which will let you play nes and snes games with the correct roms.
    do the game files have to be .wad files
    downloaded of bunch of files for snes but are all .nes
    unsure of what the twilight hack does besides let you load homebrew which you will not have to actually on the twilight game but just use it one time.
    could someone give me a breakdown of all of this please. i have read alot and still a little confused?

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    Homebrew channel will let you install and play Wiiware and VC games (these come in the .wad format). It will also let you load and play games via Emulators. So you would first need to get hold of the Snes Emulator for wii that plays Snes games. There will be documented procedure to install the emulator plua how to load the Roms.

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    The twilight hack allows you to run emulators, wii ware and vc games .wads, homebrew like tetris, software like the program that allows your wii to play dvds, etc. It allows you to run programs that can downgrade and upgrade your wii etc.

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    .Wads are Wiiware and Virtual console games that you can download then through a homebrew app put on your Wii. The emulators on the homebrew channel run ROMS that you download also. Pretty much Homebrew is a channel on your Wii that lets you run third party creations and maybe even ISO backup files soon. Hope this was some help at all.


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