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Thread: Gecko 1.9 and Backup Games

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    Smile Gecko 1.9 and Backup Games

    Ok Idk if you know this But gecko can read copy of games (wii) It is done by
    installing cioscorp the one that does not flip HBC upside dowm..
    Now I'm able to use wiird gui with backup games to get codes out of games (NOT EASY AT ALL)

    If any one Knows about this please leave a post so I dont continue this post
    I know alot of ppl dont like cioscorp...

    So dont try this yet I want to make a video as proof..
    Unless this not need it....

    To continue with this post this is how gecko 1.9 and wiird gui works with game backups
    I'm in system menue 4.0u cioscorp 3.5 installer,uninstaller works with any system menue
    download cioscorp and see that gecko works with backup games..
    When youstart Gecko you may get a black screen for 3sec or less do not start gecko from within HBC start it from your computer with WIIRD GUI
    This works......

    Thank you
    post your comments please..................

    It this has been posted before please let me Know so I can delete the post....
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    ...i was kinda skeptical at first when i saw this,..but then i tried it and it actually worked...thankss!

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