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Thread: Burning /Not enough space on DVD?

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    Burning /Not enough space on DVD?

    Hi guys,

    I'm in trouble again! I've managed to install the modchip on my sons Wii, and it seemed to go okay; the original games are working fine.

    I have one game downloaded, from torrent bytes. After advice on here (thanks!) I unzipped the first file and it is in a folder ready for burning. It says in the properties that it is 4.37gb in size. When I try to burn it , using a 4.7gb disk it says "not enough space" on disk. The burner wants to format the disk first and it is after this that the message comes up.

    Am I doing something obviously wrong?

    Nearly there and now this!

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    got to use nero or imgburn and open the image file to burn. Hopefully you are not just dragging the image file onto the empty space of the disc and trying to burn.

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    that happened to me but i tried a differnt computer it worked don't know what changed


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