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Thread: Okay I installed Wii Drivkey Wrongway!!

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    Okay I installed Wii Drivkey Wrongway!!

    I knew better I put it in right three to four times!
    Took it out two reasons 1-did not know I could use buttons instead Of Wii remote, when the rmote stopped working on drivkey page lol..Okay then I could not get some games to work was using DVD+ R?? So I took out the Drivekey tried anothe but oops wrongway and had on during stalling bricked now all blackscreen!! Dammit what a bonehead move!! How can I fix this??
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    dont understand why you installed a drivekey while the wii is on!!!!
    that's stupid. i dont think it is bricked, but broken. so check if you are under warranty and send it back.

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    DVD+R works great if you know how to burn them!


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