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Thread: madworld pal on ntsc issue!

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    Unhappy madworld pal on ntsc issue!

    i've tried everything. i have 4.2u. cios38 rev 14. used dop ios mod to update ios 38 53 and 55. read an out-of-date post that said install ios36 and that resulted in me having to restore my nand backup. tried it in neogamma r8, wiiflow 249, usb loader gx, and in gecko v1.9.3. gecko is getting no disk in drive error on all my backups (but that's a whole nother thread) i've enabled the 002 error fix. tried force ntsc, vidtv patch, auto patch region, starting with ios 249, 250, 222, 223. each thing i've tried gets a different screen, but not what i want. i've seen black screen, pink screen, flashing perfect screen to black very fast (with auto patch), and when i do nothing except 002 error fix, i get a fuzzy black and white (i know the game is in black and white, i'm not stupid) projection that is lower than my tv screen. i've searched til i'm sick of searching. anyone been able to fix this?
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    ok. there is only one way to fix it. pretty obvious, if your wii is ntsc, the madworld iso must be ntsc! i took a while but i finally found a d/l with enough seeds that it wouldn't take a year! here is the link: : "[Wii]MadWorld[NTSC][]"


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