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Thread: Internet Channel - Opera Browser

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    Internet Channel - Opera Browser

    I've followed the excellent guide for softmodding a 4.2u device.

    Works great. Have HBC, BootMii and USB Launcher working.

    What I cannot seem to get working is the Internet Channel.

    I know that it is free to download the software from Nintendo, but I started my modding *before* I knew that. I've been warned against allowing a system update and that is what is required to get the download so I tried other methods.

    I downloaded the OperaBoot from Homebew but that just launches the channel which hasn't been installed yet.

    I downloaded two WADS of approximately 35MB apiece (internet-ntsc.wad). Both of these fail on -1035 errors very quickly when run from Wad Manager 1.4.

    Everything I've read says this should be a bunch easier than I seem to be making it.


    My knowledge of the basic theory of IOS loading lead me to question if I had loaded all the necessary IOS. Do I need to install another IOS? Can I use a utility like SignCheck to verify broken installs?

    Should I be using a different WAD/Channel loader?

    Can I let the Wii System update occur? Or do I just risk bricking my system?

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    1035 = no trucha bug found.

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    Thanks for the reply. I finally got the Opera browser installed.

    The -1035 error was explained on this page:

    It mentions running several steps from this softmod tutorial:

    Worked only after I uninstalled the Opera WAD(s) I had previously attempted to install.

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