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Thread: I Need good technicle Wii remote website

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    I Need good technicle Wii remote website

    My Wii remotes are dead. I got a Rocketfish charging cradle for Xmas. A week later, one of the remotes started acting funny. It would turn off on its own then come back on with the push of the A button.
    All of a sudden, the battery would only last abour 30 minutes of gameplay but when you hit "home", it would show full battery health on the screen. I finally realized that all 4 of the LED's across the bottom were always one when I was playing. Charge the batteries and they would get bright for a while and dim after the 30 minutes and then everything would go stupid again but all 4 lights still stay on. I figured I had a remote die, no biggie, still have 1 good one that lasts a long time. A week later, remote #2 suffers the same fate. NOw I go through alkaline batteries in about an hour, Nimh dont even work for 10 minutes (they seem to dump really fast).
    It has nothing to do with synching the remotes or beating on the thing to make it work, it definately has fried something. I have searched high and low for a site that explains the electronics on this thing. For $40 it isnt worth sending in to get a refurbished one. I want to try and fix it but tracing the LED circuit is a bit of a bugger.
    I have little hope of finding any help, this was my last straw. I would go buy more if my local shop wasnt all sold out.

    Nice job on the spelling of technical.
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