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Thread: Is this the right modchip for me?

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    Is this the right modchip for me?

    I did a lot of research and i really need to know this.

    Here is my wii's info:

    I bought my wii in april 6th 2008.

    The serial number is LU339XXXXXX

    There's a 50% it is a GC2-D2C

    There's a 50% the pins on the drive are not cut.

    I know it is either d2c or d2c2, i just wanted to know from a professional, just to make sure which one it is.

    Please respond!
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    right now i would go with the wasabi 2 as it has no issues and dose not require a d2prog which is a big pain.

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    I would go with Wasabi 2 also. Just haven't run into any issues with them at the moment.

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    i found out that i bought my wii on april 5th or 6th i think and i want to look at all the other modchips beside the wasabi 2 and the d2pro.
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    here is the attachment.
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