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Thread: Complete NOOB. Please help

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    Complete NOOB. Please help

    I honestly didnt mod mine. i had someone else do it. But i consider myself fairly smart. Anyways, my question is. How do i get my Genesis Plus Emulator assigned to one of the channels on the wii? cause right now it only has the NES one and the SNES. I have to go into homebrew and load it that way currently. This would be much more helpful to assign to a channel if possible. please help and thx guys

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    Here, this may help. The first link is to download a program called Wii Wader. This program can create a .wad from a .dol file, such as your emulator. The second video is a demonstration on how to do so. Hope this helps. If you need any help, send me a message on my Blogpage


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    thankyou so much


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