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Thread: Taiyo Yuden DVD Experience

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    Taiyo Yuden DVD Experience

    Guys I just received from newegg my order of Taiyo Yuden dvd's.
    What I really would like to say is that I'm so impressed that the Wii is faster now reading with this media, no errors like I was getting compared to the Verbatim which I had a few coasters.
    I even was always worried if I soldered wrong the jp6 or if wiiclip was loose but I guess it was just the media.

    Now getting a printer to give them that touch like the original disc.

    Here is the link of what I got just in case people are interested: - TAIYO YUDEN 4.7GB 8X DVD-R Inkjet Printable 100 Packs Shrink Wrap Disc - CD / DVD Media


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    What kind of errors were you getting with the Verbatim? I've heard mostly good things about them.


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