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Thread: Questions about customizing system menu

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    Questions about customizing system menu

    I have 4.2U. I have softmodded my Wii.
    I would like to organize my system menu a little. What I am wondering is can I create folders. I downloaded a bunch of WAD files of old games and want to install them but I dont want a seperate channel for each one. Can I make a folder and then put all the games in there?

    Thanks for your help.
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    If you're installing wad versions of VC content your only options are to have individual channels on the main menu, individual channels on the sd card menu, or use Triiforce (look around for the guide) which also utilizes the sd card menu.

    If you want them all collected into one spot just download emulators and load up on roms. You can have as many games as your sd card can hold and they'll all be located inside the emulator they go with. Then install a channel of the emulator on your main menu and you'll be set.
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    ok thanks.


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