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Thread: Black wii chip or not?

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    Black wii chip or not?

    Hi n thx u 4 any help x

    Just a quick question I have a Black wii with serial number starting with LEH50469+ wii drive chip data base says its a 75% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip...
    I only want to know if i can chip it to play games or
    I have a external hard drive can i put games onto this n play them on my wii if so where do i start I've downloded wii sports resort but nt sure where i go from ere
    I would be very gratefull for any help

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    Hi I have the same model. I've softmodded mine on 4.2E the guide can be found here. It wont pay backup discs, but I runnall my games from USB HDD.

    Just look for the 4.2 tutorial on here and you will be set

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    Thx u very much xx

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    yes black wiis should have the new chip and also if u want a USB HDD TUT, check this:

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