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Thread: Help with region code

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    Help with region code

    Hey all. I recently bought Bleach: Versus Crusade from Japan. I live in the US, so obviously I don't have the correct region code. I've researched TONS of times over the internet and people are telling me to get the freeloader, then to buy a JP Wii, then to mod my Wii, etc. I'm absolutely stuck as to what to do seeing as to how in any case I come across there is a chance that my Wii will get bricked. I'm looking for a way that is easy to get around being bricked, and is hopefully cost effective. I was hoping that I might be able to get some knowledge from my Wiihacks peers on what to do.

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    Hi MegaMan_X

    (Buy a Japanese Wii) - There is always somebody willing to spend somebody elses money

    As u found out, there are a few ways of going about this.
    You didnt say what system menu you're running under - this is important as this game contains an on-disk update to 3.1J_v5 (see WUM Wii Update Manager)
    ....and an out of region update WILL brick.

    I would advise you to softmod your Wii, there is plenty of tutorials here:
    and lots of willing helpers should you get stuck
    (dont forget to post in the Wii section of forum tho' )

    Once softmodded you can use Preloader to avoid any updates / region,
    and eventually use a USB loader with a backup of your game to do away with disks altogether

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    softmodding is easy as long you read the tutorial a few times and take your time

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Yeah sorry that I forgot to mention that. I have a 3.4 U.S. wii. Thanks for the pages btw I'll check 'em out later when I have more internet time. I'm sure they'll be of use .
    I heard I'd have trouble with anything above v3.3. Is that true?

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    the only problem with 3.3 is that you will have to update it to install priiloader but this isnt difficult just make sure you understand every thing before stating and if there is somthing you dont understand the people on here will help

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    Cool not too hard...

    Be prepared to stay off the internet for a week or so, as you become accustomed to softmods, cIOS, wads etc. then you can safely softmod your Wii, use USB-Loader-mrc (one of the best IMHO), use RegionFrii and/or Miu to remove bricking updates in the ISO, also use Pre(Prii)loader to also prevent bricks and aid in recovery of a bricked system.

    I have a 4.1e with the new drive, that CANNOT play back any DVD-R of any kind. This is not a problem as I am backing up and playing from USB. This also means I cannot play back DVD movies, but I have a soft-modded XBOX and a DVD player anyways... I only want to play games on the Wii, and it is NEVER connected to the internet/network.

    I nearly bricked it last night trying an offline 4.2E update, but only the first step worked, so now I have a 4.2E System Menu, and everything didn't brick - whew! that was close.

    Your best bet if your Wii is not from the last year or so, check the System Settings for version number - go with the complete DarkCorp 1.0 - everything with a single button-press, no hard mod, no chips, no real tricks either - simplest softmod out there... don't be surprised if you cannot run homebrew media players if your Wii is too new... game backups will save and load perfectly, I have switched a few NTSC ISO's to PAL, and they have all run well. JAP to NTSC/PAL should be OK too - make sure you force NTSC video in the launcher - check the other forums for success stories!

    best of luck

    PS. Google is our friend :-)

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    I discovered accidentally that I do NOT have the new drive - I have been able to boot DVD-R Gamecube backups using a magnificent guide on this forum!

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