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Thread: Copying Wii Games?

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    Copying Wii Games?

    My son has a Wii and I'm about put in a D2pro. Thanks for the advice from those on here by the way. I was wondering , can original Wii games be copied straight onto DVD and played on the console once the mod is fitted? Or is that not something that is easily done.


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    Well up until very recently, you would have either needed one of those special LG DVD-Rom Drives or SD Gecko or USB Gecko, but recent developments have made it possible to backup your wii games directly from the Wii to the PC over Wi-Fi.

    You can find out how by reading the following thread

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    Thanks, I'll try it.

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    But if you rip the games from your WII won't you be wearing out the DVD drive on the WII? I'd rather buy a separte LG drive which is cheaper to replace


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