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    Exclamation D2C Pro

    Hi all,

    I have just got the solderless D2C Pro mod-chip on the Wii-Clip and fitted on the GPU inside my Wii. It works just as it did before.
    I have the latest Wii firmware etc.
    I have downloaded a few games from torrent sites, but I can't get them to work, although my original games still work.

    Has anyone had any experience with D2C Pro? If so, what games have they been able to work? or How does the D2C Pro operate?

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    d2cpro is a clone of the d2ckey so it could be the type of wii u have, the media ur using, the downloads ur burning, or the place u got ur chip from wasn't trustable. Only go to websites that guarantee that it will work, go to the where to buy section on

    Also the d2cpro doesn't need any updates. Check if the modchip is in the right place or got loose or something, u did put electrical tape or the protect label on the chip right?

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