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Thread: Snes games won't save

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    Snes games won't save

    So I finally got the hombrew stuff up and running. I downloaded donkey kong country and played it enough to save it. It seemed to recognize the save but when I exited the game and came back I had to start over again. Anyone else?

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    The emulator will not save like a SNES. When you want to save press the home button, and click save. Then you will need to save STATE. It will start the game at that point. Save state is also useful just before you battle a boss or attempt a difficult portion of the game, where if you fail you can simply load your saved state.

    The emu will need a file on your sd card:
    named fceugx then a file inside that named saves

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    Ok thanks. I'll give that a try.

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    Should that whole file be in the snes emu folder?

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    I put mine right on the root of the sd card.

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    Well it wouldn't work. I get the same error when I try and save in home menu. I have no idea how to access "save state. "


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