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Thread: How to play Custom GH3 games on 3.3u? (Halp!)

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    How to play Custom GH3 games on 3.3u? (Halp!)

    Okay, I'm hoping someone can help me out.
    My current status: Have an updated NTSC Wii (updated to most recent firmware, 3.3u). Have a WiiKey installed. All my burned games have always worked, no problem, including GH3 and Aerosmith.

    I do NOT currently have Freeloader, Geckos, or WAD installed. I'm not really sure about these things, I don't really know what they are/do. So to be clear, the ONLY modification on my Wii is a modchip that is installed, there is NO alterred software.

    My question: Is there any way to play custom GH3 discs, like the Rock Band Cosmos edition and Gh1/2/80's? I've read that since I've already updated to 3.3 I can't install the software needed to run these things.

    Anyways, I'm not sure what to do to make those things work, or if there is any way.

    So: Can I play the custom discs? If yes, can anyone walk me through what I need to do? IE: What I need to install and in what order? (And how?)


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    My understanding is that with wii FW 3.3, the only way to play Trucha signed discs (which Custom GH3 is) is by using Gecko OS.

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    Appreacite the response, JBloggs. I didn't really know what GeckoOS was/is, hence my problem.
    All is working now. GH3 Custom Rock Band is working perfect. I assume Gh1/2/80's will work too.

    Got it working by installing the homebrew channel via twilight hack. Then running RegionFree through the homebrew channel and loading the disc.

    Step by step, in-case you are me 24 hours ago
    1) Use twilight hack to install the homebrew channel
    2) Load up RegionFree onto an SD card to be run through homebrew channel
    3) Run RegionFree from homebrew channel, follow directions to run disc

    I found this guide to help me out. It does NOT include the homebrew channel steps, instead it makes you do the long way of using the twilight hack each and every time you want to play the game. (Twilight hack lets you run RegionFree which is what lets you play the game.)
    3Media :: View topic - How to make Guitar Hero Customs work with update 3.3!
    So my only change was installing the homebrew channel instead of running regionfree.


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