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Thread: New to WIiKacks - Question on D3-2 v2

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    New to WIiKacks - Question on D3-2 v2

    Hi all new to Wiihacks.
    Bought a Wii Xmas 2009.
    Been reading about backing up dvd's and playing backups, but found out via lots of reading I have the new D3-2v2 board in my Wii.

    Wondering what drive board to replace the D3-2 v2 with, D3, D2A/B/C ?

    Any one know which board will work 100% in the new Wii's ?
    I've read a few posts with people saying they have replaced the drive board with D?? and problems occur.

    Any advice or a link to a post would be greatly appreciated.

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    This forum section is for introductions only, NOT questions.

    Please post questions in the relevant forum section.

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    Apologies for that. Will post in correct forum

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