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Thread: Update Wii with a modchip installed?

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    Update Wii with a modchip installed?

    I have a 1 week old Wii that I have updated with the lasted version software updates online. Can I now install a modchip or have I screwed myself? And If I'm ok, can I update system software in the future?

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    Yes you can still install mod chip. As for future updates it will depend on what the future updates are going to contain.

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    Every Wii is currently mod-able. When future firmware updates are released, wait a few days and checkout these forums. They will tell you if it's safe or not. I'm assuming most firmware updates will mostly affect the installation of homebrew programs and game save hacks (like 3.3 and Twilight Princess).

    I'm sure the day will come when mod chips will be rooted out by some sort of update, so just keep up to date with all the info here.
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    It's been 2 years now and no updates have made modchips inoperable. Nintendo has only been able to change their hardware to make modding more difficult. So is it safe to update online? I was say yes.

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    i updated from the firmware that came with the wii last year to the current one with not much of a problem.


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