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Thread: cIOS38Rev17 has been released

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    cIOS38Rev17 has been released (updated 2/28)

    This page will no longer be updated. Instead go HERE.


    Here is the official release of cIOS38Rev17 by Waninkoko. This is reported to be a stable release and should be safe to install for the average user. That said, I take no responsibility for what you put on your console. Mini-reviews on page 2.

    • Original Package - For network installations: cIOS38Rev17 as released by Waninkoko. (Credit to Stomp_442 for uploading to Wiihacks)

    • Complete Package - IOS38-64-v3867.wad included for those without wifi, a meta.xml tag, and a pretty icon for HBC.

    Reported Issues

    • When dumping a Dual-Layer game, the last 128kB of the 2nd layer become corrupted.
      It's similar with regards to the DL bug in Rev14 in that it will create checksum errors
      when trying to verify the sectors of the disc. This is a bug only on the technical level.

    Here's what Wiipower had to say,
    "About cIOSrev17:
    It seems superior to all other cIOS from Waninkoko. rev14 had the DL bug, 15 was not disc channel/NeoGamma compatible and 16 dislikes certain commands(NeoGamma).
    The only issue i know of is that it's not able to read the last sector of a DL disc. Hmm, thinking about it and about the above, that might be pretty bad. But this issue is said to be fixed in the repository."


    [ CIOS38 rev 17 ]:

    - DIP plugin improved (some code has been rewritten).
    - More error 001 bug fixing.
    - DVD+DL bug fixed.
    - FFS plugin fixed.

    [ CIOS38 rev 16 ]:

    - Error 001 bug fixed.
    - NSMB proper fix added.

    [ CIOS38 rev 15 ]:

    - DVD+DL support fixed.
    - DIP plugin improvement (NSMB may work a bit better).
    - ES plugin optimized.
    - FAT module bugs fixed.
    - FFS plugin bugs fixed.
    - EHCI module optimized.
    - Fixed bug in Installer.
    - Miscellaneous changes.

    Credit to for the original announcement.
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    wicked, lets hope all is good with it. personally i will stay ith 14. it works so untill i see people with more knowledge than me on this and say its better i will stay faithfull to the power of 14. thanx for the update.

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    Asked WiiPower if this cIOS is compatible with his Beta17 Loader..
    Still waiting a reply..

    The thing is that the good stuff comes unannounced!!
    3.2E, HBC 1.0.8, cIOS38 Rev17, cMIOSv8 Rev3, NGL R8, GCBL 0.2, PriiLoader 0.3 Rev43, StarFall 0.5, BootMii@Boot2

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    Nice to see an update! Thanx much!

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    Wiipower: @Everbody, i didn't have a chance yet to test it.

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    i might test it later as 15 and 16 were both lousy and quite buggy broke neogamma reverted back to 14 i do use wiiflow but need neogamma for peppa the pig and sam and max...hopefully this works ...but as the old saying goes if it aint broke..

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    if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
    i'm still running rev 14, it plays everything that i have right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabss10 View Post
    if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
    i'm still running rev 14, it plays everything that i have right now.
    If it aint broke... Tweak it....

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    i've never installed a custom ios before but i finished soft modding my wii. is their anything that i need to know about installing it? can you also send me to a site that tells you how to do it? thanks.

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    If you softmodded fully (i.e. to play backups) then you've already installed one cIOS, installing another should be no more of a challenge. It's basically the same, just that one was rev 14, and this one is rev 17.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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