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Thread: Which Chip do I need for my WII? Plzz HELP....

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    Which Chip do I need for my WII? Plzz HELP....

    Hi, Guys...
    I need your help, Ive just opened my WII and got these numbers,
    on the small black chip it says GC2-D2C
    and on the large one it says GC2-D1A.
    What mod chip do I need for this?
    Iam not good with soldering either.
    The system is a UK PAL.

    Any help will be much appreciated!



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    u have a D2C wii.
    The D2pro9 mod is the best chip so far (in my opinion)
    but it requires some soldering that may be hard. U can buy a wii clip with the chip soldered on. The clip just clips on and dosn't need any solder.
    For a cheaper alternative, u can go with the wiikey. The quick solder method requires less soldering expertice. But some of the points are small. If u really can't solder, go with the wiiclip.

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    if u have the first d2c wii, then i reccomend the d2ckey presoldered to a wii-clip. No updates needed.

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    How can I tell if its the first D2C? Cheers

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    go to page 3 in this forum and go to vandrunen's post.

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    Thanks alot guys.... really appreciate your help!

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    d2ckey pre soldered will work but if u want upgradeable modchip then d2pro9 with v4c chip presoldered

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    I've just placed an order for the d2pro9 v2 with presoldered clip.
    1 more thing, How often do I have to update this chip? and how do I do that?


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