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Thread: Fuse spectrum emulator problem

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    Fuse spectrum emulator problem

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has got this emulator to work, Ive downloaded the latest version from homebrew browser and whenever i load the emulator it comes up with a black screen with some writing for about half a second before exiting back to hbc.

    I'm guessing it needs an extra file or something somewhere on the sdcard but cant find any information about it on here or the official site.

    Any help would be appreciated,



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    i had this problem to and eventually got it working,it was a while ago and cant remember exactly what was what,i think it was to do with the 48.rom being placed in the root of the fuse folder along with folders-lib,roms,ui. Ive just looked on my sd card for u,i must have taken it to extremes ,i have every file from those 3 folders there(54 of them)and those folders left empty which i now put my games into all together 57 visable items inside folder fuse(3 empty folders-libs-roms-ui and the rest mostly .roms and .szx files extracted from them.hope this helps you any
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    Cool thanks m8y, ill give it a go 2moro when im free.


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