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    error 002

    I have cIOSrev14 and I have coverfloader1.2 and I was able to play mario party 8 perfect.. but i tried punchout and i got a blue screen error 002. any fixes for this?

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    you know what? I feel kinda stupid now because shortly after i wrote this i was tinkering with it and saw the error 002 fix. loadded right up.. now i noticed some games will load in black and white.. or bouncy etc.. i noticed fixing the video optioon fixes this.. but how do I know which video option is best for each one?? or do i just trial and error untill it works??

    BTW i got the new super marios brows and I cant get it to load on error002 fix or anti 002. any suggestions?

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    NeoGamma and others will tell you if it's NTSC or PAL ya know... that should provide a clue or two.

    NSMB guide here.


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