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Thread: How to get New sper Mario Bros Running?

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    How to get New sper Mario Bros Running?

    Okey, i cant use USBloader, cause i don't have a HDD, so usually i use Neogamma r8 beta 17 or 12.

    I downloaded a non-patched copy. i patched it my self ( IT's not the first time i patch a game ) but it didn't work.

    Then i installed some IOS ( IOS53-v5149 and IOS53-v5406 ) but didn't worked.

    Then i updated to cIOS38 REV 15, but it sucked, and didn't worked ( Plus de #001 error ) so i got back to REV 14.

    mmmm.... My Wii is softmoded by the way.

    Actually i tried to manually patch the game by HEX EDITOR NEO, but didn't worked, so i think its not the patch-thing, nor either the IOS, cause I've heard the game only need those 2 to work on REV 14 with neogamma R8, so i don't know what it is.

    Hopefully you'll forgive my bad English and help me =] jeje.

    O! my menu version it's 3.4

    THANKS !

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    You did check the guide, right?

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    Indeed, several times,

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    You know what forget it, seems, like its my pc burner, i burned it in an other pc ( Using alcohol 120% as in mine,) and it worked jeje sorry,

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    Usb Loader gx menu 4.1 U and ios 249 and I canīt get this Mario working either, I have tried installing the cios suggested but still no joy. Something I am missing or is it because the game is too big ? Any help would be great. Thanks guys

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    Read the guide as linked earlier in this thread.

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