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Thread: Question about Softmod

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    Question about Softmod

    So tomorrow I'm planning to mod the Wii that I got about a year ago. My major concern is how will I update the Wii after it is modded, since newer games will require updates. I just bought a copy of Super Mario World. It will probably have an update since I have not bought any new games for about 7 months. How will I play it after I mod my Wii, because I have been doing some reading, and updating after doing a soft mod seems like a bad idea. Would I have to manually update?

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    Update from the new game and then softmod your 4.1 Wii. After this avoid Internet/Disc updates like the plague. You will learn how to manually update your Wii to play newer games as they come.

    If you want to avoid having to learn how to update and everything that goes with it then buy a modchip or even better a WODE.
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    Ok, thanks, that cleared some things up me. But, Super Mario Bros. update is 4.2, should I still update from the disc?
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    Well you could always go for wannin. 4.0/4.1 updater (I can confirm it works, the dop-ios mod crap was too complicated, so i just went for this one and after ~30 min I had a 4.0 sys menu), or the dop-ios mod (there's another one but I forgot it xD) then update to 4.0/4.1. Then, from here you can go softmod it with this guide, [Guide] Fully Softmod Any Wii (everything you need) - I recommend usb loader gx instead of neogamma btw.

    Or if you have the money go to a WODE installer site (think the main site has it but I'm too lazy to check XP) and tell them to install it for you. <----I'm 65% sure this will work no matter what sys menu you're on, so ask a pro like Tealc before you go to this path.

    Another option is the modchip which FOR SURE will work on any sys menu you have (my friend has a 4.2 menu, and is still playing backups via the disk channel =P), again you want to go to a site that you can not only buy the chip, but also can install it for you, just be sure to check at least 5-7 sites before making your decision on the site because you want to make sure you're getting the best deal (be sure to check S&H price, wii chip price, and install price).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wangie444 View Post
    Ok, thanks, that cleared some things up me. But, Super Mario Bros. update is 4.2, should I still update from the disc?
    Re-read what Tealc said, please.


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