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    Angry slow loading

    Kind of a weird scenario here. I recently had the power wire fail and had to unplug it from the wii and put it in the freezer.. have only had to do this once before to get it to work. All is good now everything seems ok except the fact that wiiflow is loading seriously slow, like to the point of that i dont even want to play a game because a ps1 has faster load time lol. I have recently put some games on my external hard drive right before the power cord gave out and i did use wbfs to remove the games thinking that they may have been the problem but no such luck. I something saying if there is to many covers then it loads slower but i only have like 70 games on a 500 gig and everyone is talking like over 150 games there is problems. I am on a 3.2 system in usa, wiiflow is the latest version off of their site. Any kind of responses may help. Thx for lookin.

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    To anyone who have viewed this and those having the same problems i found that it is not a problem with just wii flow, i loaded usb loader gx on my wii also with the same results. I was searching the internet and found some advice of updating the ios249 and I did with no success. Eventually i found another forum about usb slow loading on another site and it said to plug in another usb device in the slot of which is not being used. So i did plug in a second external hard drive on my second usb port and all is loading like normal. Kind of a weird thing to have happen but this is the only solution that worked for me. Just trying to help out other with the same problem as i have seen many forums with no success of any kind. By the way the second usb from what i have read does not have to have a wbfs partion, can anything they were even using usb dongles, just needs to have something there for some reason???? Dont know why it works but it does and good luck to all

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