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Thread: Need help with Wii softmodding... Stuff.

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    Need help with Wii softmodding... Stuff.

    First off, my Wii has already been softmodded. Thing is, I'm having some issues running backups, and I'm not entirely sure why... I'll describe everything I know I have running. (A big problem comes in the form of me not modding my Wii or knowing how to do it).

    I definitely have working Genesis and SNES emulators running off the homebrew channel. Because I've had experience using them on my computer, I understand where to save the ROMs, and what each directory means. That much isn't an issue. Beyond that, I have a Wii back-up launcher, a Gamecube back-up launcher and a DVD launcher on there. DVD doesn't work, GC launcher has never been tested, and Wii launcher WAS working. I tested it with Geometry Wars, Twilight Princess and No More Heroes in the past, but I didn't burn these. I recently tried burning NSMBW and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, but neither work. I attempt to launch them, and I get either a green screen or an error message telling me to eject the game and power down the Wii.

    I don't know what to tell you beyond that. I really don't even know what to look for to identify versions, or even types of software. Any ideas?

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    The games you have working are old games.

    The games that don't work are newer games.

    NSMBW is a special case, look for a guide on that by Davepm.
    Silent Hill needs no special consideration but will require #002 error fixing.

    Your loader may need updating to one that supports #002 error fix, check out Neogamma, I think there's a download in the Homebrew Download section of the forum.
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    Tealc is correct Look at my sig... Prior to those versions, i was unable to get NSMB to work, and also Ghostbusters gave me the green screen. Once i updated, i was gtg
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